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Family Law

We combine an understanding of the pressures involved in the event of family difficulties with a detailed knowledge of family law and practical experience to make life easier for family clients at a difficult time.

We offer free consultations. Call us on 0161 928 7136 or email richard.bell@hhbsolicitors.co.uk to arrange your free family consultation.



  • Divorce and separation
  • Ancillary relief (financial aspects of divorce)
  • Children issues
  • Moving abroad with children
  • Dissolution of civil partnerships
  • Living together agreements
  • Business, pension, overseas and concealed assets cases
  • Separation agreements
  • Pre-nuptial agreements
  • Post-nuptial agreements


Free Initial Consultation

Meeting a Solicitor for the first time to discuss personal and often upsetting issues can be daunting. At HHB law, we offer a free consultation in relaxed surroundings to give you the opportunity to ask questions and also for us to see what help and assistance we may be able to offer to help you make those important decisions.


Accessible Solicitors

Having access to your Family Solicitor is not always possible during normal working hours and therefore, we at HHB try be be available at other times when you may need us.

To assist, we provide:

• Telephone, mobile numbers and email skype addresses

• Late or early appointments at pre arranged times to suit you


Links to Experts and other Agencies

There may be time when your case requires expert advice. We at HHB Law have developed a select team of trusted experts, who are at hand in those times of needed assistance.

• Barristers – to help present your case at Court.

• Forensic Accountants, who can help trace those assets not disclosed by your former partner

• Tax specialists- to ensure that all settlements are as tax efficient  and compliant as possible

• Pension experts- to ensure that any settlement will allow both the recipient and the policy holder sufficient to live on in older age.


Funding Your Case in Family Matters 

This is one of the most concerning areas for any person, who requires legal assistance and as such, we at HHB Law will always be transparent about our charges and likely costs of your case from the onset. We will always discuss this and you options at your initial appointment, which will be confirmed and reviewed in writing thereafter. Those options, if applicable, are;-


Fixed Fee

While most work carried out will be on an hourly rate basis, there are circumstances where a fixed fee is more suitable, for example, where the case is uncomplicated or not disputed.

Client credit 

Where your case is likely to recover assets from a financial settlement, then we may be able to assist you to access external funding by way of credit. This would be an independent arrangement between you and a Finance company, who may, subject to their own strict funding criteria, offer funding to enable you to litigate your case.


We at HHB law appreciate that there is not always a one size fits all solution. Therefore we will always be as flexible as possible to tailor our services to your needs and requirements.


HHB Law also incorporate Lymm Family Law