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Commercial property transactions fall into two categories, freehold and short to medium term leases. Commercial leases in particular are potential minefields involving a fine balance between the rights and responsibilities of the landlord and tenant.

Acquisition and disposal of commercial property requires special experience and expertise. Commercial leases are potentially very dangerous if prepared or approved by the unaware or inexperienced.They can contain hidden or implied responsibilities and consequences which can cause significant damage for a tenant or landlord.

We have many years of experience acting for both landlords and tenants and can guide you through the process.


  • Acquisition and disposal of commercial property
  • Preparation of leases for commercial property you own or acquire
  • Negotiation of lease terms for commercial property you wish to lease
  • Advice regarding acquisitions of commercial property within private pension schemes, which can be very tax-effective
  • Advice regarding disputes relating to commercial property or its occupation or use
  • Advice regarding contentious landlord and tenant issues