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Pre-nup update

Last week the Law Commission recommended pre-nuptial agreements should be given full legal force.

The commission is also suggesting research into whether a formula could be produced for divorcing spouses to determine the range of maintenance they should pay – rather than individuals having open-ended liability for life.

The Law Commission, which recommends changes in legislation to the government, says that the qualifying nuptial agreements would be enforceable provided both parties have disclosed financial information and received legal advice, and the agreements are signed more than 28 days before the wedding.

The agreements would be enforceable only after the financial needs of any children and the estranged partner have been met in areas such as housing.

Pre-nups were relatively new in the UK but commonplace in America and other countries. HHB Law has been preparing pre-nuptial agreements and post-nuptial agreements since their introduction. Although not formally law, great weight has been attached to them over the last couple of years and they are one of the best ways to secure your financial position. They are not just for the wealthy; they are for anyone wishing to take a pragmatic approach to the future.

For a special trial period only we are offering pre-nups at a fixed fee rate of £1,500.00 plus VAT. For your free consultation contact our family expert, Kirsty Leather, on 0161 925 4471.

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