Is Your Will Up-To-Date?

Wills are always a difficult subject to raise.  People don’t like to dwell on morbid subjects and one’s own death is the most morbid of them all!

There seems to be a reluctance to spend money on Wills.  Probably because people regard it as “dead money”!  Certainly, you will not see the benefit in your lifetime.

Joking apart, making a Will through a solicitor, preferably using us, is vital.  Homemade Wills so often to don’t accomplish what was intended and end in family squabbles which cost a great deal more than the cost of making a Will.

Many people have such complex lives there days.  Children from an earlier relationship, couples not being marred, the position of step-children, guardianship issues and the like.  Such situations call out for a Will to be made.  It is almost irresponsible when there are such complex family situations for someone not to make a Will.   We hear it so often “if only he’d made a Will.”

Then there is the question of health, mental health in particular, and at the same time as making your Will, entering into a Power of Attorney is important.  you do not know what events may make it vital that someone is able to deal with your affairs on your behalf.

The Law is complex, but those complexities become of relevance because people to not put their affairs in order, when they know that one day the inevitable will happen.