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Contract or No Contract?

Humans have been making contracts since the birth of humanity.  But the complexities can be quite bewildering.

The principal element of any contract is that there is “consensus” between the parties.  Also there must be an intention that the Agreement should be legally binding.  Further, it must not be an illegal contract or one which is contrary to Public Policy.  Uncertainty can render the Agreement not to be sufficiently complete for it to be enforceable.

Maybe you see an advertisement for a “wonder drug” to cure baldness!  You buy it and follow all the instructions on the bottle to the letter.  Your hair does not grow back.  Do you have a claim?

You lost £100.00 in a poker game with a friend.  Can you claim it back and would it have made any difference if the game was being played in Scotland?

A racing car came off the track at Oulton Park and went into me.  Can I claim for my injuries?  You saved a child from drowning, but were injured in the process.  Can you claim for your injuries?

No wonder the standard text book on Contract Law “Chitty” runs in to two volumes and 1,363 pages!

You can see how fascinating Contract Law really is.

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